August 4, 2009

HATE SPEECH FROM THE MURDOCH MEDIA: A vital tool of fascist control

9/11 Truth: "These conspiracists scare me"

The Times of London is published by NewsCorp (Chairman Rupert Murdoch). Murdoch's company also publishes The Sun (Today's front page top story "Charley nips out" Charley, apparently, being a woman, or a least a person with a breast bared) and broadcasts numerous porn TV channels under such names as Xplicit XXX and Adult Nightly.

Now, as this Times article by one James Bone demonstrates, if you decline to believe what the Murdoch press tells you to believe, you are liable to face a barrage of hate speech from the same source.

Bone, a person who apparently finds dealing with questions of the intellect daunting, states that covering a meeting of the "so-called 9/11 Truth Movement" was perhaps the most "intellectually scary assignment I have had in recent years."

Those at the meeting he describes as a "gruesome assortment." They are "this deluded gang of ageing hippies, anarchists and anti-Semites." They enable the intellectually intimidated reporter to never better understand "how so many Germans could have embraced the crackpot theories of Nazism."

Note also the title of the piece. The gruesome gang of ageing hippies, anti-Semites and proto-Nazis are not 9/11 skeptics, nor are they 9/11 conspiracy theorists. No, they are "conspiracists," subversives by definition.

This is not reporting. It is a calculated exercise in hate speech.

Let's be entirely plain. Rupert Murdoch controls a publishing empire of lies and filth that trades with governments around the world: propaganda in support of the fascist state in return for tax breaks and commercial privilege.

Well for those who like to hate, here are a couple of the "gruesome assortment" of crackpots, proto Nazis, and deluded anti-Semites who are the targets of such venom.

Robert Bowman, PhD, Lt. Col., U.S. Air Force (ret) – Former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot with over 100 combat missions. Former Head of the Department of Aeronautical Engineering and Assistant Dean at the U.S. Air Force Institute of Technology. (PhD in Aeronautics and Nuclear Engineering, Cal Tech). Director of Advanced Space Programs Development under Presidents Ford and Carter. 22-year Air Force career. Also taught Mathematics and English at the University of Southern California, the University of Maryland, and Phillips University.

Lt. Col. Dr. Bowman has stated that:

"Scholars and professionals with various kinds of expertise---including architects, engineers, firefighters, intelligence officers, lawyers, medical professionals, military officers, philosophers, religious leaders, physical scientists, and pilots---have spoken out about radical discrepancies between the official account of the 9/11 attacks and what they, as independent researchers, have learned.

They have established beyond any reasonable doubt that the official account of 9/11 is false and ..." Continued at Political leaders for 9/11 Truth .

Lynn Margulis: AB, MS, PhD – Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Geosciences, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 1983. Former Chair, National Academy of Science's Space Science Board Committee on Planetary Biology and Chemical Evolution. Recipient of the National Medal of Science, America's highest honor for scientific achievement, in 1999, presented by President William J. Clinton. The Library of Congress, Washington, DC, announced in 1998 that it will permanently archive Dr. Margulis' papers. President of Sigma Xi, the scientific research society, from 2005 - 2006. Dr. Margulis is best known for contributions to evolution, especially the theory of symbiogenesis.

Author of over 130 scientific works and numerous books. Dr. Margulis has stated that "The 9/11 tragedy is the most successful and most perverse publicity stunt in the history of public relations." Dr. Margulis's full statement on 9/11 can be found at

And over a thousand other intelligent, knowledgeable, distinguished and mostly important people express their skepticism of the Bush 9/11 conspiracy theory at Go there. Look over the ranks of crackpots and anti-Semites, the gruesome horde of proto Nazis -- and HATE THEM.

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Lost generation? U.S. grads work for free, look abroad

That's right. Go abroad. That's where we shipped your job.

Buffett's Betrayal: Rolfe Winkler

It takes remarkable chutzpah to lobby for bailouts, make trades seeking to profit from them, and then complain that those doing so put you at a disadvantage.

Government subsidies for hybrid vehicles (and anything else you care to name) are a waste of money

Wild fires cause 5000 to leave their homes in BC

BC's run of river power development a $31 billion rip-off?

Folks who don't buy Bush's 9/11 conspiracy theory are Nazis

This important news brought to you by Chinese Porn King, Chairman of Newscrap, publisher of the Wanker's Friend, etc., etc., Poop Murdoch, aka the Cultural Chernobyl.

Canadian Arctic university idea gains momentum

Bill Clinton negotiates release of US journalists held in N. Korea

When a high-ranking American citizen addresses a small third-world nation, a little politeness evidently goes a long way: a point the U.S. Government might bear in mind.

Russia posts nuke subs off U.S. East Coast

The U.S. Government might find also that a little politeness goes a long way when they are dealing with the World's largest country and the possessor of the world's second largest nuclear aresenal.

Fun with an old hard drive

Blowing down a house with an air vortex gun

Fox News creating their own reality?

U.S. energy companies bullish on Marcellus shale

The Marcellus shale, located in the northeastern U.S. in parts of Pennsylvania, New York and West Virginia, is said to contain enough natural gas trapped in rock to meet U.S. needs for a decade or more.

Rabbi pleads guilty to money laundering

Justin Raimondo: Superpower conceit

Wham Bam Bananastan

Mr. Obama is allowing the warmongery to steer him into a course of action that will make America the latest superpower to impale itself on the far side of the Khyber Pass.

Just because you're a super power, doesn't mean you have any sense. Indeed, it means you can do any senseless thing you like -- till you stop being a super power, which might happen sooner than you expect.

'When you're lying alone in your Afghan bivvy...': British soldier re-writes Rudyard Kipling poem in damning attack on conditions

And the original.

British soldier refuses deployment to Afghanistan

Gilad Atzmon The Enlightenment and Judification

Gregor MacDonald: From peak oil to abundant cheap gas

So America has an abundance of accessible, high-quality energy, and there was no need for the murderous effort to create a U.S.-controlled corridor for pipelines through Afghanistand and Balochistan (Pakistan).

The author is wrong in suggesting that liquid fuel (oil) is more valuable than gas. The issue is the cost per unit of useful energy. Natural gas can be burnt in a turbine with an efficiency of 60%, oil burnt in an auto engine delivers useful work with an efficiency of only 15-20%. Even a hybrid auto converts the chemical energy of gasoline to useful work with an efficiency of less than 40%.

Used most advantageously, natural gas is worth more than oil on a raw energy basis and can provide more useful energy per unit of carbon emitted to the atmosphere.

Eric Margolis: The Middle East, Tomb of Peacemakers

China's US$ exit strategy

Launch your own space program: orbit a satellite for only $8000

U.K. Parliamentary committee calls for full inquiry into government complicity in torture

When one inquiry into depravity in high places leads to the call for another inquiry, it gives time for those whose conduct is under examination to leave the public stage and even, perhaps, time to shuffle right off this mortal coil.

Still it must be annoying for Tony Blair, Jack Straw and other New Labor psychopaths that their role in having people boiled alive or subject to other enhanced interogation techniques will continue to be a matter under public review.

Thoughts On The "Recoveryless Recovery"

Have a positive bank balance. Just don't think you can have the money any time you like

Three Jewish American "expert travellers" accidentally enter Iran

Israeli fraudsters scam the U.S. taxpayer

U.S. Federal tax revenues plummeting

The reason for the U.S. revenue plunge

Bam Admin: Softening up the public for a huge tax grab

Folks weren't spending enough so the U.S. Government created the stimulus package, the bailouts, and a $20 trillion loan or debt guarantee program to prevent a depression.

Now the U.S. has a trillion-dollar annual budget deficit, which the Administration propose to cover at the expense of the ordinary taxpayer, who will then have even less to spend than before.

Here's a better idea.

Impose a graduated capital tax ofe from 1 to 3% on all $55 trillion in US-owned assets until all deficits have been eliminated and debts repaid.

That'd cost Bill Gates and Warren Buffet about a $1 billion a piece each year. But it wouldn't affect their standard of living any, or curb their consumption spending. Likewise, for all the other rich people who'd be paying nearly all of the tax.

Needless to say, I advocate this means to cover Canada's $50 billion a year deficit.

Poop Murdoch's Timesey: Hot report from Tel Aviv -- Iran on the brink of assembling A-weapon

You understand that the essence of propaganda, like advertising, is repetition. The only real difference is that there is a legal obligation on advertisers to adhere to the truth. Not so, of course, those who report the "news" or "intelligence sources" in Israel.

Carl-Heinz Schreiber extradited to Germany

Blair's Brown's Britain, No. 274: Britains health service refuses to pay for painkilling drugs -- forces patients to live in aony

About time a government showed the guts to cut flagrantly wasteful pubic expenditures when trillions are needed to bail out the very important people who run the banks (into the ground), to bomb the ungrateful Afghan people and prepare for a war on Iran, etc., etc.

Harper's Government's Prime Directive: Dish the opposition and cling to power

Chris Hedges: Empire of Illusion, the end of literacy and the triumph of spectacle (U-Tube)

Feminists for liberating Afghan women with Predators, drones, Special Forces, detention camps and foreign occupation

Mish: US Military purchases offset slump in sales of durable goods

Mish: 32 Story Highrise Has 1 Tenant

Jewish-American spy claims anti-Semitism prompted investigation into his crimes

Those dastardly FBI investigators. But at least they didn't waterboard the son-of-a-bitch (pardon my anti-bitchism).

Ha! Gotcha Bastard!

Police recommend indicting [Israeli Foreign Minister] Lieberman.

Concerning Lieberman the bastard.

Russia to drill for oil off Cuba

Finally, the Cuba embargo is paying off for the United States -- Not.

Iran to export gasoline

Finally, the Iran embargo is paying off for the United States -- Not.

Home Office: 'Support our wars or you'll be denied a UK passport'

This seems quite reasonable. Why would you want a British passport if you're not an imperialist, fascist, Zionist in favor of World War III any more than you'd want an Israeli passport if you're not in favor of genocide, or a Cuban passport if you're not a Commie?

Geitner: First we doubled the Federal Budget: Now we'll, um, double taxes

Geithner also said the government needed to show the will to reverse massive deficits after the recovery, including raising tax revenues if necessary.

Oh, and Greenspan, who couldn't see a bubble even as he huffed and puffed to inflate it, had this helpful comment on the housing market:

"It is possible that [we] could get a second wave down. Under those conditions, we would get a very significant change in the underlying confidence in the consumer area, as foreclosures rise and more home values fall below their mortgage levels."

Thanks, Maestro.

U.K. Ambassador: Afghan mission a total fiasco but we'll stay for ever and ever

Britain's most senior diplomat warned that Britain's involvement in the country will last for "decades". Sir Nigel Sheinwald, British ambassador to Washington, painted a bleak future for British forces [in Afghanistan]...

When we fuck up, we do it for years and years.

Just see how we've handled the export of opium from Afgfhanistan:

Under the Taliban, Afghan opium exports = zero. Now, after seven years of NATO buggering about there, killing thousands, displacing millions, Afghan opium exports = 90% of the World total.

And the heroin they make from the stuff is soooo pure, addicts in Vancover and Toronto overdose on it all the time.

U.K. Parliamentary Committee: Nato Afghan mission poorly led and insensitive to local culture

In future, we'll bomb them with greater cultural sensitivity.

Building a fusion reactor in Burnaby BC -- privately -- for $2 million

Does it work? So far, no. But give us another $500 million and ...

'FBI sting was a case of anti-Semitism'

If anti-Semitism is hate speech, is not the false allegation of anti-Semitism hate speech?

Tactics and Goals of the Defamation League: Treason in Plain Sight?

ADL Lacks Moral High Ground in Robinson Case

The ADL engaged in libelous hate speech toward a critic of Israel, which is what the ADL is for.

The Defamation League

...let us focus for one moment on a fracas caused by Abe Foxman, national director of the B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation League. Irony No. 1 is that a "league," as such, does not exist. Foxman is it. (When asked, for a New York Times profile, whom in the organization besides himself a reporter might interview, Foxman "couldn't think of anyone.") Irony No. 2? Under Foxman, "antidefamation" is not really the ADL's line; defamation is.

Libel award against Anti-Defamation League upheld

Prof. Willam Robinson: The Nazi Holocaust and Israel's treatment of Palestinians (U-Tube)

Where lies the first first loyalty of British Jews?

Jews mugging Jews: The Israeli Mafia

And the rest of this series here.

U.S. to send more troops to quell raging Afghan "insurgency"

How come, after seven years of NATO assistance, the vibrant democracratic republic of Afghanistan, with its newly filled potholes, its girls' schools, its protection of the rights of women etc., etc., faces a "raging" insurgency.

Could it be that the raging insurgency is in fact a raging patriotic uprising against foreign occupation and that President Hamid Karzai, dope dealer and former Unocal Oil exec., is merely an incompetent puppet?

Paul Craig Roberts: Record Shows "Hate Crimes Prevention Bill" Will Suppress Speech

Since the passage of the Global Anti-Semitism Review Act in 2004, the US Department of State is required to monitor anti-Semitism worldwide. The State Department is not required to monitor anti-Americanism or sentiments against Christians, Muslims or Arabs. Thus, the act created a specially protected class worthy of careful monitoring by the US Department of State of negative sentiments expressed against Jews.

In order to monitor anti-Semitism, the term must be defined. The definition is subjective and will be widely, rather than narrowly, interpreted.

The State Department has come up with its attempt. The State Department's approach could include any truthful statements about Israel and its behavior toward the Palestinians that the Israeli government or AIPAC or the Anti-Defamation League would deny or contest.

Anti-Semitic speech can be interpreted as inciting hatred. Inciting hatred can be interpreted to be a violent act. "Excessive" criticism of Israel is a subjective, indefinable concept that can be used to determine anti-semitic speech. It is easy to conflate "excessive" with "strong". Thus, demands that Israel be held accountable for war crimes committed in Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, or elsewhere become acts of the "hate crime" of anti-semitism.

Kevin MacDonald: The Fall of Anglo-America: Suicide or Murder

My view is that the outcome was the result of ethnic conflict over the construction of culture, that is, the rules and norms by which a society functions. Indeed, the fall of Anglo-Saxon America is a textbook case of how deadly the conflict over the construction of culture can be.

Patrick Buchanan: World World III? (Really) Israeli strike on Iran, which Joe Biden foolishly said was Israel's call, would drag this country into a third war in the Middle East and destroy a policy that is visibly succeeding.

...Israel has been saying for years an Iranian bomb is months away.

Where is the proof? Where is the evidence to justify a new U.S. war in the Middle East to destroy weapons of mass destruction that may not exist in Iran, as they did not exist in Iraq?

Iran may wish to have a nuclear deterrent, considering what happened to neighbor Iraq, which did not. But the idea that the regime, having built a nuclear weapon, would launch it on Tel Aviv and bring massive retaliation by scores of Israeli nukes on Teheran and other cities, killing millions of Iranians and all the leaders and their families of all factions of this disputatious people, seems like total madness.

For Israel to launch a war on such reasoning would seem to meet Bismarck’s definition of preemptive war as "committing suicide out of fear of death."

On self-worth, fake racism, and the black V.I.P.

The Dreamliner's flakey wings

During tests to certify the aircraft, damage to the wings and wing box of the 787 was found. The damage was delamination of the composite sheets covering the wings under stress.

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