August 17, 2009


UK: Treating MPs like shit

[Tory MP Alan] Duncan... had been secretly filmed claiming no 'capable' person would want to enter parliament when MPs are treated 'like s***'.

When he talks of being treated like shit, he means not being able to supplement his miserly 65-thousand-pound a year salaray with fiddled expense claims.

However, the problem is not that MPs are underpaid but that they are paid at all. For most of them, a poorly paid job in Parliament is the best career open to them. Obviously, people of real talent aren't going to join such a mob of wide boys, fantasists, shysters and lobby fodder.

If the Brits want competent reprentatives, they need to elect people who have achieved success in a real job, not career politicians. And they will only get such representatives if election to Parliament is seen not as a job opportunity but an honor bestowed by the people on those who have demostrated ability and integrity outside the political arena.

Virtually all such suitable candidates for Parliament can afford to take an upaid sabbatical for five or ten years to serve their country in government. Obviously, Mr. Alan Duncan hasn't achieved sufficient success in the world to be able to afford his role as an MP. He should simply resign and get a real job that keeps him in the style to which he aspires.

And if folks want to send a street cleaner, a hermit or a poet to Parliament, they can get up a fund to cover their representative's expenses.

It would be fun to watch the exodus if MPs' and Senators' salaries and pensions were eliminated in Canada. The redundant deadwood would swamp the lumber market for years to come.

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Craig Murray: False flag bombings in Tashkent justify US and UK support for Uzbek dictator

That's support for Boil-em-alive Karimov.

Iran arrests Jundullah terrorists

They may be terrorists but they are our terrorists, advised by the CIA. The smashing creme egg machine

Smoking Mirrors: Dead babies don't grow on trees

World Zionism is making war on Islam but it is also making war on Christianity and that whole family unit thing. Evidence of this is very widely available on the net and even a cursory investigation of who is behind the political correctness movement reveals just how completely they are in control of 'behind the scenes' policy and lobbies. A casual look at who heads up every gay and lesbian organization also reveals this as does a look at who runs The Southern Poverty Law Center. People get outraged to hear these things but they can’t dispute them. They are backed by direct, observable evidence.

Henry Makow: Hollywood trashing the majority cultural identity

Price wars grip Canada's grocery stores

Dollar's Hit a "Major Bottom," Prechter Says

Mish: Social Safety Nets Mask Deflationary Depression

Mish: Stimulating the economy by taking cash out of the consumer's pocket?

Canada: Why the real estate market won't collapse here!

Dmitry Orlov : Closing the Collapse Gap

Paul Craig Roberts: Spinning the Economic News

Chevy Volt does 230 mpg -- Suuuuuure

Actually, it does arond 23 mpg or four miles per kwh depending whether it is in gas or electric mode.

A U.S. gallon of gas has an energy content of 121 MJ. A kwh equals 3.6 MJ. So the Volt in electric mode does the equivalent of 135 mpg.

But if the power comes from a thermal plant and mileage is calculated relative to the fuel consumed by the generating station, then mileage falls to the equivalent of somewhere between 45 and 65 per gallon. Quite good, by hardly enough to justify the huge capital investment in a very complicated rather low performance vehicle.

Your best bet would be to wait for the next generation of fuel-efficient light cars, such as this (Price estimate: 5-9000 Euros).

And GM's best bet would be to scrap the Volt. They're doomed to lose thousands on every copy sold. If they ever intend to compete in the free market again, they need to come up with something sensible.

Bill Bonner: The Bounce Phase of the Economic Depression

Peter Dale Scott: Delusions of Grandeur and the Collapse of Great Empires

Bigger than Bernie: America's next financial scam to blow

Texas Judge Rules Microsoft Can't Sell Word Anymore

Five Reasons Word Will Weather the Patent Challenge

Perseid Shower

Biggest Meteor Shower of the Year Peaks Tuesday Night

Myanmar's brutal and incompetent Military dictatorship keeps elected leader in jail

Morgenthaler Aborta-Canadian clinics fail to meet medical standards

"It's terribly sad. We still have to fight," physician Francine Léger, the clinic's interim director, said Monday.

Yeah, terribly sad. Might mean the birth of a few extra Canadians if they're shut down.

But then what's sad about meeting the health safety standards required of all medical clinics?

Because compliance cuts into the profits, or what?

U.S. Lawmakers face angry crowds on health care

Quebec Pension Fund Takes $5.7-billion Hit

Madoff Executive Admits Guilt: cooperating with prosecutors

Prosecutors are seeking more than $170 billion in forfeiture from Mr. DiPascali, the same amount they sought from Madoff. That figure represents funds deposited by investors into Madoff's fraudulent investment operation and later disbursed to other investors.

Five Reasons the Market Could Crash This Fall

A neat explanation of how Goldman Sachs and others use program trading to rip off investors.

And I love this comment by Joseph N: "Wow, the fear mongering in this article is palatable."

Yes, very tasty.

Central Bankers Central Bank: Risk of Great Depression not yet averted

Alberta Train Wreck

Canada's complicity in torture

America's war for pipelines and opium

Canada July Jobs Loss Triple Economists' Forecasts

Harmonize this: Deficits mean new taxes

Clinton: US involved in Iran election protests

Anti-Semitism: Jews expel Arab girl from day-care

Not all Semites are born equal.


Mass immigration has led to a racial "cold war" among Britain's rival ethnic communities

The politicians of both left and right who fought for 50 years to ensure mass immigration to one of the World's most densely populated countries -- condemning as racists and white supremacists all those who opposed them, have now decided that the population must be slashed by half.

It is in such insanity that one sees most clearly into the vile Blairite soul of a true socialist.

It seeks total control, a spy cam on every street corner , a listening device on every conversation -- not because it has a vision of a better world, but because of an overwhelming desire to tyrannize: an impulse manifest in the long-standing drive to force the common folk of England to live cheek by jowl with a teeming mass of people of a different culture, people mostly more energetic, more aggressive than the poor natives among whom they settle and for whom they have scant respect. Then, having wreaked havoc in the communities of the weakest members of society, it lusts for genocide.

Well maybe Swine Flu will do it for them.

McChrystal: Taliban winning

U.S. Economy set to recover fully -- In about 20 years

The futility of economics

Consumers spent money they hadn't earned yet,thus bringing forward purchases that should have been made years later. The accumulated effect of this was to add $35 trillion in extra spending to the world economy -- from America alone -- over the course of the great credit expansion, 1945-2007. That's why we have a depression now -- because consumers already spent what they would normally be spending now.

An Operating System for the Cloud: Google versus Microsoft

Will the struggle between Google and Microsoft in operating systems and Web search diminish both? For computer users, that might be a very good thing.

JFK on Secret Societies

Seems like a good reason for assassination. JFK Didn't understand he was to front the conspiracy, not oppose it on behalf of the people. But then as Noam Chomsky said , "Who cares ... plenty of people get killed all the time, why does it matter that one of them happened to be John F. Kennedy."

Google shuts down Siebel Edmonds' Blog

One reason we go to the trouble of running our own server. Anyone relying on Google's commitment to free speech has be more than a little naive.

Alex Jones: Obama Speech Police Shutdown Top You Tube Videos

American Fascism in action: opposition to Obama's policies is racism and Google agrees.

American Fascism: U.S. Army spy infiltrated antiwar group

UK risks a Japan-style lost decade, BoE will warn

Which means we gotta print money faster and piss it away killing Afghans or in other murderous, or at least totally useless, activities.

Craig Murray: Famous Liar Says Britain Not Complicit In Torture

Head of MI6 Sir John Scarlett has come out saying the UK is not complicit in torture. I can tell you from direct personal knowledge that the man is a lying.

That is, of course, hardly news. Scarlett was responsible for the dossier on Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction, which was a tissue of lies from beginning to end. Any sane journalist would treat him with ridicule and opprobrium as one of the most notorious liars in British history. ...

UK Gov: We weren't complicit in torture, therefore there is no need for an inquiry (into the claim that we were complicit in torture)

The British electorate is now so poorly educated that this kind of pseudo logic is probably sufficient to get the New Labor psychopaths and torture enablers off the hook.

Americans' entry into Iran linked to vote unrest

"we think that the three had plans to interfere in Iran's internal affairs," said Mohammad Karamirad, a member of parliament's Foreign Affairs and National Security Committee.

Economic outlook: Oil prices cloud recovery hopes

Opposition grows to Senate plan to purchase jets for use of "senior officials"

The point is, these are desperate times. The US Government is sparing no effort in its determination to stave off the Second Great Depression (GD II). That means anything that Congress could not afford in good times can be purchased without hesitation now.

In fact, the more useless the expenditure the better. Hence the plan to send another 45,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan.

US to target 'Afghan drug lords'

The usual bollocks from the BBC. No mention of the fact that when the Taliban ruled Afghanistan the opium trade was almost entirely suppressed. No mention of the role of the family of Afghanistan President Karzai in the opium trade.

Time to kick out BBC Director General Mark Thompson and to appoint some people of integrity to the BBC Trust (which appoints the Director General) in place of the bunch of dubious expense claimants they have now.

Still what can you expect under a Labor government. They're all lower class people without the slightest idea about public service who just can't wait for their turn at the public trough.

Raif Mair: The Ruinous Illogic of Private River Power

Last week I spoke of the appalling mainstream media in B.C. and how it let Premier Gordon Campbell get away with th murder of our rivers and the ecologies they support. The exception, and a major one, is Mark Hume of the Globe and Mail whose B.C. section, combined with the national edition, gives better coverage by far of B.C. affairs than does The Vancouver (Seriously West Coast) Sun, The Province and Global combined.) ...

Mike Whitney: The World needs a breather from the US. And they'll get it sooner than many think

The Jewish Quarterly: The leading role of Jews in American pornography

Jewish involvement in the X-rated industry can be seen as a proverbial two fingers to the entire WASP establishment in America. Some porn stars viewed themselves as frontline fighters in the spiritual battle between Christian America and secular humanism. According to Ford, Jewish X-rated actors often brag about their 'joy in being anarchic, sexual gadflies to the puritanical beast.' Jewish involvement in porn, by this argument, is the result of an atavistic hatred of Christian authority: they are trying to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion.

Past time for the WASP community to start looking out for itself. But no, that will never do. It might be anti-Semitic.

Afghanistan - 40 more years of this: Are they mad?

Search Engine Censorship

Honest Media Today: Patrick Grimm Interviews Andrew Winkler of Ziopedia

PG: What advice would you give to those who are new activists or who are thinking of becoming full-time activists in the anti-Zionist cause? What lessons have you learned?

Andrew Winkler: If you want to minimise your risk, you can try living a double-life and not talk to anyone in the offline world about your views and what you are doing. Otherwise, be ready to lose everything: your career, your friends, your family, your freedom, your health, your life. The more successful you are with your fight, the harder they will try to hit you. This is a lonely fight. You can't trust anyone, not even your fellow activists, because our ranks are infiltrated with Zionist moles, gate-keepers and agents provocateurs. But it's worth it. The day you stand in front of your creator and get asked what you did with the life that was given to you, you can say more than just I added so many zeroes to my net value. You can say, "I have fought against evil."

Media Capitalism, the State and 21st Century Media Democracy Struggles

An interview with historian Robert McChesney

Swine Flu: 'A Whole Industry Is Waiting For A Pandemic'

The world has been gripped with fears of swine flu in recent weeks. In an interview with SPIEGEL, epidemiologist Tom Jefferson speaks about dangerous fear-mongering, misguided, money-driven research and why we should all be washing our hands a lot more often.

Thanks to Wayne for this and the two links that follow.

Britain: Dozens fall victim to side effects of swine flu drug

Diseased African Monkeys Used to Make Swine Flu Vaccines; Private Military Contractor Holds Key Patents

Amazing wet banana vid.

Chart: Monthly changes of employment in construction and finance

British embassy official confesses UK role in Iran election riots

Hossein Rassam, a political analyst with the embassy, said a budget of £300,000 had been allocated by the embassy to establish contacts with political groups, individuals and activists.

He said he had personally made contact before the election with the campaign headquarters of Mir Hossein Mousavi, ... who claims he was robbed of victory by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

"My main responsibility was to gather information from Tehran and other cities by setting up contacts with individuals and other influential parties and political groups and send reports to London," he said.

He said because of Britain’s hostile policies towards Iran and fear of exposure, the embassy employed local staff to establish such contacts.

Israel planned Iran strike during election unrest: Report

Hellfire Hillary Pours Oil on Somalia's Fire

Why Default on U.S. Treasuries is Likely

Entering the Greatest Depression in History


The Great American Bubble Machine

Palin: Obama's health care plan is 'evil'

UK Army Chief: NATO will be in Afghanistan for decades

Afghanistan is to remain a colony of the Anglo-US-Israeli Empire -- until the Afghans kick 'em out.

U.S. Consumer credit off at an annual rate of 4.7%

Wanna Have a Nice Weekend? Don't Read This Post!

Paul Craig Roberts: The Expiring Economy

How to block Internet ads

American wages fall 4.7% in year to June

The Air Canada bailout, and crony capitalism in Canada

School Board Accused of Attempting to Steal School

Bank of England rolls the printing presses

Money and currency markets were sent reeling after the Bank of England surprised the City by unexpectedly extending its programme of Quantitative Easing (QE) by £50bn.

Quantitative easing is banker speak for ripping off anyone with cash in the bank by debasing the currency. It's how governments create inflation -- deliberately.

U.S. Keeps Printing $Billions

The Fed bought $7 billion in Treasuries today and even more yesterday.

Crank out enough digits with a dollar sign and all those pesky debts will disappear, covered by the loss of purchasing power of the dollars in your pocket, or your bank account. Dow 50,000, soon?

U.S. Builds supersized base in Afghanistan

BAGRAM AIR BASE, Afghanistan -- Anyone who thinks the Afghanistan troop "surge" is a temporary, one-time deal should watch the construction here of a vast new $17 million barracks building.

We're from the United States Government. We're here to help you.

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